Today’s businesses and commercial organizations are up against a barrier built by outdated financial tools. Today, we are going to figure out how a token launch and moving business processes to the blockchain can finally break through the plateau and reach new milestones.

What benefits does a project get by using blockchain and launching its token?

Marvel fans create an Iron Man suit in their garage, Neuralink has put a chip in a pig’s brain to link its thought processes to a computer, and unmanned taxes drive around in many countries. But we still use a financial system that sends money from one country to another within a week. 

The slow pace of international transactions is not the only downside to the current banking system. High fees, lack of privacy, and total control over depositors’ funds are all making it extremely unprofitable and uncomfortable for ordinary people to use banks.

The world’s largest brands and businesses derive a significant portion from online sales, and clients have to use centralized payment systems. As a result, all the mentioned problems fall on customers’ shoulders.  

Here, the experienced entrepreneur will immediately notice an opportunity to apply one of the main rules for building a successful business: “find the customer’s issue and solve it better than your competitors”. Considering the weakness of modern financial systems and the alternative of blockchain technology, it’s not so difficult. But why is blockchain so good, and why does a business need its token?

Project tokenization and the movement of financial and business processes to a blockchain

For a deeper understanding, we need to get clear on the definition: what is tokenization? 

Using tokens to pay for goods and services, digitizing artworks with further conversion to NFTs, using tokens as a security and project management tool – all this is tokenization. Once we understand the definition, next we will take a closer look at the opportunities for projects that have launched their token on a blockchain.

Benefits for projects that have launched a token

Maximum transparency. Blockchain networks have an open-source code. Anyone can track all the network’s transactions and be assured that the data holds up. Companies that build blockchain-based business processes and financial transactions show their users that they are ready “to hold hands on the table”. This attitude inspires trust and attracts customers.

Speed and autonomy. Unlike bank transactions with fiat money, blockchain transactions occur within minutes. Additionally, a phone/computer with Internet access is all you need to work with decentralized protocols. By simplifying the payment process with tokenization, projects will be able to reach a huge number of customers from all over the world. 

Creation of a loyal community. Users who buy project tokens become the owners of a small part of the company. This makes them extremely interested in the development and popularization of the project they have bought tokens for. 

The highest level of security. Blockchain is a distributed database running on multiple nodes scattered around the world. All blockchain actions cannot be undone or changed. Every transaction is recorded and stored on every node in the network. With this approach, it becomes virtually impossible to hack the system.  

Keeping anonymity as a tool for attracting new customers. Far from all users are excited by the idea of sharing personal data while paying for any kind of goods or services. Companies will be able to attract such customers by using blockchain technology because there is no need to disclose personal data for transactions on decentralized networks.


So far we have covered only a small part of the tokenization benefits, although it’s enough to understand: you can’t succeed in development and scale without using new technologies. If you want to keep up with the times and remain competitive, think about the tokenization of your project, and TokenSale will help you quickly and easily upgrade to the “WEB 3.0 rails”.

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